Rosemarie Trockel Ciné Club
The Artist's Institute
March 14, 21, 28, 2012

Three evenings of film and conversation: a cine-club. Hosted by curator and writer Fionn Meade, the films have been selected in dialog with Rosemarie Trockel and explore themes resonant with and influential to her own practice. Each screening will be followed by an informal dialog with invited guests

Wednesday, March 14, 7pm

Stan Brakhage, Unglassed Windows Cast a Terrible Reflection
1953, 29 minutes
A menacing early Brakhage silent short plays off of the horror film genre as a group of young adults on a road trip find themselves exploring an abandoned mine when their car breaks down. Unexpected encounters with desire, envy, and primal emotions unfold through the refracted views and mediated vision of the mine’s disorienting interior architecture.

Pier Paolo Pasolini, La Ricotta,
1962, 33 minutes
La Ricotta follows the character Stracci (literally meaning “rags”), an extra on the set of a film about the life of Christ. Shot on the back lots of Cinecittà, the tragicomic Stracci attempts to feed his family—having appeared like apparitions from out of the nearby shantytowns of the Roman borgate—with the free lunches provided. Intercut with a cameo turn by Orson Welles as the film’s pensive and pompous director, La Ricotta tacks between existential allegory, slapstick, and incisive social satire.

With special guests Ulrike Müller and Keith Sanborn

Wednesday, March 21, 7pm

Brian De Palma, Greetings
1968, 88 minutes
From the opening scene’s inclusion of a television broadcast showing President Lyndon B. Johnson attempting to inspire support for the Vietnam War with the infamous line “I’m not saying you never had it so good, but that’s true, isn’t it?” De Palma’s satirical comedy targets and travesties many charged and controversial topics of the day—draft-dodging, the exploitation of women in pornography, the Warren Commission, protest and civil disobedience—following three young men striving to avoid the war and find themselves. Robert Deniro stars as the anti-hero Jon Rubin.

With special guests Isla Leaver-Yap and John Miller

Wednesday, March 28, 7pm

Rainer Werner Fassbinder, In a Year With Thirteen Moons
1978, 124 minutes
Written and filmed in the direct aftermath of Armin Meier’s suicide (Fassbinder’s longtime lover), In a Year With Thirteen Moons tells the harrowing story of Elvira, a transgender orphan seeking origins and to have her love returned. Exploiting the tropes of melodrama, Fassbinder’s heroine suffers through a stark, sometimes brutal interrogation of the nature of subjectivity and societal boundaries. Framed through endless doorways, oblique angles, and mirrors that fragment and distort Elvira’s image, there is no exit from Fassbinder’s exacting and baroque mise en scène. The figure of Elvira unconceals a fraught place of persona, violence, cultural identity, pantomime, and mourning.

With special guest Pati Hertling

Copryright Fionn Meade unless otherwise stated