Maria Hassabi STAGING (2017)

Co-commissioned by the Walker Art Center
Merce Cunningham: Common Time at the Walker Art Center

February 8-February 19, 2017

Occupying a space between live performance and visual art, artist/choreographer Maria Hassabi’s work explores stillness and sustained motion. Her sculptural movement installations examine the tension between the human form and the artistic object. These magnetic performances of looped, long-form choreography were performed by Simon Courchel, Jessie Gold, Hristoula Harakas, Maria Hassabi, Kennis Hawkins, Niall Jones, Mickey Mahar, Oisín Monaghan, and Nancy Stamatopoulou and Maria Hassabi. Visitors encounter STAGING (2017), which runs continuously during gallery hours throughout the day.

STAGING (2017) includes a score by Marina Rosenfeld, outfits by Victoria Bartlett, and lighting supervision and assistant design by Zack Tinkelman.

Co-commissioned by the Walker Art Center and documenta 14.

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Maria Hassabi discusses STAGING (2017)

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