Avant Museology Symposium

Curated by Nisa Mackie, Anton Vidokle, Brian Kuan Wood, Arseny Zhilayev in collaboration with Misa Jefferies and Fionn Meade

Presented by the Walker Art Center in collaboration with the Brooklyn Museum, e-flux and University of Minnesota Press and in conjunction with the exhibition Question the Wall Itself at the Walker Art Center

Brooklyn Museum, November 11-12, 2016

Walker Art Center, November 20-21, 2016

Taking its cue from the recently published book Avant-Garde Museology, edited by Arseny Zhilyaev, the symposium addresses the memory machine of the contemporary museum vis-à-vis its relationship to the contemporary artistic practices, sociopolitical contexts, and theoretical legacies that shape and animate it. Where the museum may have once been a mere container for objects and ephemera, the mutability of the contemporary museum has facilitated the apparently seamless absorption of its own complex histories, paradoxical political and socioeconomic functions and ideas. It begs the question: can contemporary museology be invested with the energy of the visionary and political projects contained in the works that it circulates and remembers?

Speakers: Jonathas de Andrade in conversation with Adrienne Edwards; Boris Groys; Ane Hjort Guttu in conversation with Nisa Mackie; Wayne Koestenbaum; Sohrab Mohebbi; Timothy Morton and Cary Wolfe in conversation; Elizabeth Povinelli; Walid Raad; Hito Steyerl; Anton Vidokle; and Arseny Zhilyaev.

Video documentation from Brooklyn Museum :
Day 1
Day 2

Press and Reviews:
Avant-Garde Museology in a Multicultural and Global America, Temporary Review by Genevieve Quick

Le passé n’est pas terminé. Retour critique sur le symposium Avant-Museology au Walker Art Center, Artichaut Magazine by Maude Johnson

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